The Official Roster Has Been Removed – How do you get info on player movement?

Last week we announced that the old roster, otherwise known as the Official Roster or Golden Rod, would be removed from the system. That has now been completed, and only the Team Roster can be printed.

For those of you who rely on the player movement information that was contained in the now defunct roster, there are two alternatives that can be utilized to obtain the same information.

  1. The first alternative is new and is the Player Movement Report. The Player Movement Report can be printed from the team roster screen in the same location where the Official Roster used to be printed. The Player Movement Report is very similar to the Official Roster. The only differences between the two documents is (a) the date of birth column has been removed, (b) the title of the document has been updated to Player Movement Report, and (c) red text has been added indicating that the document is not a valid roster.
  2. The second alternative is to run the release and transfer report. To run this report click on Reports> Team Reports> Select “Release & Transfer – Details” report. This report will provide you with all transfer/release information by player. Data columns included in the report are :
    Release and Transfer DetailsPlayer ID, Last Name, First Name, Date Requested, Releasing Club, Releasing Team Name, Releasing Team ID, Releasing Team, Admin, Status, Releasing League Registrar, Status, Releasing, District Commissioner, Status, Releasing Comments, Receiving Club, Receiving Team Name, Receiving Team ID, Receiving Team Admin Status, Receiving League Registrar Status, Receiving District Commissioner Status, Date Status Changed, Receiving Comments

The Cal North Official Roster Will No Longer Be Available in Affinity


In the coming days, Cal North will eliminate the old Official Roster in its entirety and leagues and clubs will no longer have the option to print it. Earlier this Spring Cal North announced that a new roster was implemented. The new simplified roster, known as the Team Roster in Affinity, will replace the old Official Roster. The new simplified roster is designed to eliminate confusion by only showing players that were active on a team (e.g. the Team Roster does not indicate adds or drops). Additionally, in the ongoing effort to ensure that sensitive player information is also not accessible to everyone, the date of birth columns are also replaced by the player’s age.

The simplified Team Roster will become the only option Cal North leagues will utilize moving forward. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Emanuel Lusca  and Executive Director, Matthew Madeira, by emailing and