Cal North Billing Report Update

Affinity Update: 1/23/2015

Affinity has updated the Cal North billing report. The update simplifies the process of generating a report for a seasonal year. Previously, the billing report required that you run it in both the principal season and off-season, and then combine the reports in Excel. That is no longer necessary as the system will automatically pull data for both the principal season and off-season in one report.

This update along with others, will be discussed further in detail at the Cal North Soccer Expo this February 2oth in Sacramento. We will be having a session dedicated to registration. It’s highly recommended that you attend.  The session will run from 10-11:30am.

See you there!

2016-2017 Principal Season Now Available

We are happy to announce that the 2016/2017 principal season beginning in the fall is now available for registration. As with other seasons you must opt into the season to enable registration for your league or club.  The new season will by default calculate a players age using the new birth year calculation mandated by US Soccer. You can find the new age matrix on the Cal North website under the menu item Parents and Players 》What’s my playing age?

The configuration of the new principal season is the same as in prior seasons. No additional steps are necessary in order to configure the new birth year calculations which have already been configured at the state level.

Should you need assistance setting up the new season please feel free to contact Emanuel Lusca.

Happy Holidays.