What To Expect In The Coming Weeks

What happens in the upcoming weeks depends on your feedback. Please take this 30 second survey and let us know when registration begins for you. We will use your feedback to plan our transition more effectively.

Take the Survey

Next week we will be meeting with Bonzi and Blue Star Sports to discuss workflows and begin the configuration of our new system. In addition to configuring new workflows we will also be preparing data for migration in the upcoming weeks. After hearing from registrars, we’ve decided the best course of action is to eliminate junk data, e.g. duplicate records, and provide a better foundation to build upon.

Please make note of the migration criteria for data.

  • Team Administrator Data: Only team administrators with a live scan and team application created in the system within the last three seasons will be included in the migration of data.
  • Player Data: Only players that are assigned to activated teams in the 16/17 Season will be included in the migration of data.

We hope that by the end of January, the system will be ready for an official launch. Training sessions are being planned and a calendar of potential training dates will be made available prior to the official launch of the new system. Continue checking these emails for those planned sessions.


A New System and a New Face

In addition to a completely new face for our registration system, this week we’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to our registration team, Paola Flygare. Paolo is an experienced software engineer with years of experience in Silicon Valley. With nearly a decade of user experience as a user of Bonzi herself, her insight into the registration platform and backend experience as a coder, make her an extremely valuable asset to our organization. Together we will ensure our users’ experience will be the best in the industry.

She will be joining our team as our primary Digital User Experience Engineer. She will be Cal North’s primary account manager in her new role. Unlike other account managers, and quite possibly the first of its kind, Paolo will be a local expert that resides in northern California, and will work exclusively with Cal North.

We hope she has the opportunity to meet all of you face to face soon! Until then, welcome aboard Paolo!