New Cal North Registration Support Group is Up and Running

Your questions are important to Cal North, and we want to hear them, and make sure they are thoroughly answered.

Often times we receive the same important questions asked by dozens of different users. In an effort to help you get the information you need quickly, we’ve created a new Registration Support Group.

You’ve never used a support group?

An online support group is a public forum that you can post new topics to by either going to the public webpage or by sending an email to the group. All users can see all emails and responses, making collaboration simple, and making information readily available regardless of who posted the original question.

The more users we have interacting in the group, the more useful the group will become. So we encourage you to send all registration related questions to

Please note, this is a public forum, so do not share any private or confidential information. Background check inquiries should not be sent to the Registration Support Group.  Please only send questions regarding processes, rules, how-to’s etc.

Using this group, you will be able to search and see if your question has been previously posted and answered, and add your own questions or comments for further clarification or discussion.

To create a new topic please email, or visit the Group Online.

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