System Update:Minimum Image Size, and Improved System Performance

Based on user feedback and requests Cal North and Affinity are happy to announce new features and updates to Cal North’s Data Management system.

1) Minimum Image Size for Uploaded Birth Documents

Based on user feedback from our registrars, some uploaded birth document images have been too small to be used for document verification. In response to your feedback, users will not be able to upload images that do not meet a minimum size requirement, and will be notified of any birth document image file that does not meet the minimum image size of 500 x 500 pixels. (see a sample of a 500×500 pxl image). Please note that 1 scanner “dot” (in dpi) = 1 pixel per inch. Meaning if you scan a photo that is 1 inch by 1 inch at 300dpi, it will result in an image that is ~300x300pxls. If you attempt to upload an image smaller than the minimum size, you will see the following  text above the photo “The birth certificate is too small and not readable. Minimum size required is 500 X 500 pixels

2) Internal Image Editing Options

Prior to the recent update, tools allowing you to crop and resize images already uploaded by users were not available. The image editing tools were only available upon uploading an image. Affinity has updated their system now making those tools available for images that have already been uploaded. If you have images that require editing, you can simply click on the image and then press the edit button. If you’ve made edits and have not yet uploaded your photo, you can undo those edits by pressing the “Undo to Original” button at the bottom of the upload window.

3) Improved System Performance

Lastly, Affinity adjusted the internal add player/admin system to insert records from every 6 minutes to every 2 minutes. Although this is still not instant, it is an improvement of over 50% in terms of turn around time on this process.

As always, please feel free to leave comments and questions on our blog, or visit our Registration Support Group to find questions submitted by other registrars, and answered by our support team.

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