Reduce Duplicates Using The Full Family Lookup Tool

The Full Family Lookup tool is now available to everyone.

Prior to this recent update, a limited version of the Family Lookup required users to enter in a date of birth, and a full name.

With the Full Family Lookup tool available, users can now use partial search terms, and are not required to enter in a date of birth. This makes searching more efficient, e.g. searching for “gonz,mi” will result in all possible combinations, including “Gonzalez, Mike”, “Gonzalez, Michael” and “Gonzalez, Miguel”.

Before creating a new record it is highly recommended that you use the Family Lookup tool to search for that record. This will help avoid the creation of duplicate records, and reduce the number of already existing duplicates in our system.

The Full Family Lookup Tool is accessible by clicking the Players/Admin  left menu item, and then clicking on the Family Look up link in the main content area.

Once you get to the Family Lookup tool you’ll notice a drop down to the left of the search field. You can use that drop down to select the parameters you’d like to use in your search. Among the available options, you’ll find “lastname,firstname”. Select that option and search by last name and first name without a date of birth entered.

Once you have located the player record, click on that record to open the player profile. You can register returning players by clicking on the Applications tab and creating a new application in your organization.


3 thoughts on “Reduce Duplicates Using The Full Family Lookup Tool

    • Yes. You can either email your district registrar the ID numbers for both records and indicate which one to keep, or you can open a ticket with Affinity.

      A merge feature available for all users is an update to the system that is currently be worked on, but not yet available for all users.


    • Yes. The easiest way to merge duplicate records is to open a ticket within Affinity. To open a ticket, click on the tech support link in the bottom left menu.

      There will be a feature rolled out in the future that will allow you to complete the merge yourself, but at this time it is not yet ready. We will make sure to include a post here when it does become available.


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