Which City In Northern California Has The Longest Name?

Fortunately for you, you won’t ever have to data key city names like La Canada Flintridge or Rancho Santa Margarita.

Nonetheless, when data keying registration form after registration form, the shortest of city names can become a laborious task! It would be a fine new gadget if somehow, your old keyboard can read your mind, and enter the info for you.

Well, we aren’t quite there yet… but try this the next time you’re manually registering a player or an administrator: Enter in the street address, the first letter of the city only (you cannot leave this field blank), and the full zip code.

The Cal North DMS’s address verification will review your input, and update the city field automatically for you based on the street address and zip code you entered.

e.g. You enter

Cal North Office
1040 Serpeninte Lane, Ste 201
p, 94566 CA

And you get

Cal North Office
1040 Serpentine Lane, Ste 201
Pleasanton, 94566 CA

A few seconds and key strokes here and there, multiplied by hundreds next year equals time you could be spending enjoying a latte.

Every second and key stroke counts!

Happy New Years!

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