Recent Updates: Changes to How Refunds Are Issued, Payment Plans, and Financial Assistance

Changes to How Refunds Are Issued

Affinity recently implemented a new update in the system that changes how credit card refunds are processed. In order to ensure they remain up to date on best practices as it relates to credit card security, a modification was made on May 4, 2016 that will impact how you process refunds back to credit cards. Moving forward, you will need to key in the credit card number into the system. 

The alternative to processing the refund in the system in this way, is to have your league/club issue a refund via check.

Payment Plans

Registrars now have the ability to configure how discounts are distributed across payment plan installments. All discounts, including promo codes, sibling discounts, and returning player discounts will now have a button labeled “Discount Payment Plan”. This button will show each payment plan that has been configured and allow the Registrar to configure how discounts are distributed across each available option.


The pencil icon indicates that this age group has a payment plan configured and the discount may be adjusted:


This is an optional configuration. By default, the discount is taken out of the deposit. The above functionality is essential when you are offering payment plans in conjunction with a discount that is greater than the deposit. Registrars will now have the ability to configure how the discount is allocated across the payment plan installments.

Change in Terminology: Financial Aid is now Financial Assistance

This is a minor update, but please be aware of it. Financial aid is an option that clubs can offer to those that need financial assistance when signing up for a program within the system.  The term financial aid will be replaced with financial assistance within the platform.

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