Credit Card Refund Functionality Updated

Affinity recently changed how refunds are processed, requiring registrars to enter the credit card number used to pay. This makes the cardholder’s account more secure by not saving the card number in the system, but it does require the registrar put in the additional effort of collecting the card number when trying to process a refund.

In an effort to make things easier for registrars, instead of collecting the credit card number and issuing an immediate refund to the cardholder’s account, you can now submit a refund request to Affinity Sports to be processed on behalf of your organization.

In other words, you have the option of allowing Affinity Sports to complete the refund on your behalf, without you having to collect the credit card info from the cardholder. To do so, click the refund link next to the transaction and you will be presented with two options pictured below.


If you are using option 2, please check the box to request this refund and ensure that you have entered the correct amount to refund for each available product.

This will be recorded as an offline refund and may take an additional 7 days to be formally submitted by the Affinity Sports Accounting Department as a credit back to the cardholder, but you won’t need to collect any credit card info from the card holder.

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