How the No Longer Interested Policy Affects Registration

Before reading the rest of this post, I highly recommend that you read the announcement made on the Cal North website regarding the No Longer Interested Policy.

As indicated in the announcement, users that have not had an application created in the system in the last three years will have their risk status expire. This will disable your ability to roster that user to a team. In most cases this should not be an issue, as those coaches are likely not to return to coach. Should they return to coaching after their risk status has expired, they will need to rescan in order to have their live scan updated back to approved.

However, there are cases in which you will be affected. Below are a couple possible scenarios:

  1. If applications for coaches are not being created, do not be surprised when their risk status expires. To avoid this from happening, registrars must take an active role in managing applications for their coaches. Each seasonal year,  a coach who will be involved with your organization must create an application. This is required in order for that coach to be rostered and activated on a team.
  2. If league board members live scan results are managed in Affinity, but applications for those users are not created, their results will also expire. In order to avoid this, we highly recommend that applications for those users be created each season. Registering online through the Cal North website is simple and will help you better keep track of these users and their status.
  3. If a coach fails and does not appeal, their risk status will expire. Coaches have a 14 day window to submit an appeal. Waiting an entire season before appealing will necessitate the coach rescanning.

As you can see from the scenarios above, being proactive and having an application created in Affinity is very important in terms of risk management. The application is what will be used to determine whether or not a user is actively involved with Cal North.

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