Sign Up for Training in Your Area

Our meeting with Blue Star Sports last Wednesday and Thursday was a great success! The discussion was very constructive, and we have set some ambitious goals that we know we can accomplish. One of these goals is to provide training to all our leagues and clubs in the month of December.

Click here to sign up for a day of training in your area!

Schedule for Training Sessions:

December 5th – Pleasanton

December 6th – Santa Clara

December 7th – Santa Rosa

December 8th – Eureka

December 9th – Redding

December 10th – Sacramento

December 11th – Modesto

December 12th – Fresno

Mark your calendars for one of these dates and make sure you attend. The training sessions are a vital component of our implementation plan. They will be multi-hour sessions and will encompass the most important aspects of the new system. This is your best opportunity to review, learn, and experience our new system before our launch next year.

7 thoughts on “Sign Up for Training in Your Area

  1. you guys need to have something online. i signed up for santa clara but 1) thats not a convenient location i live on the peninsula and 2) theres no time stated for the course, i have no idea if i can make it or not. please record and post the training.


    • I know that there are a lot options for online registration and there is a lot of flexibility, but I don’t have an answer to this question yet. If I recall correctly, you are looking for a way to provide options for different parts of uniform, so that if a parent only needs the shorts, they can order that and get assessed fees for just that item. Am I on the right path here?


      • Yes, but overall I am more concerned about knowing if uniform ordering will be part of the system as well as whether it provides more flexibility for customization including individual pieces and jersey numbers. Also on better reports to aid towards easier export of the data for placing orders.


    • Weekday training sessions will be in the evening after 6pm (or beginning at 6pm). We are working on finalizing times and venues.

      Weekend sessions will be after lunch. Again finalizing times/venues.

      We will announce this info via email once it is available for all locations.


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