Progress We’ve Made

We can confidently say that Cal North has the best registration system and process in place in the industry. Your first glimpse into the future of youth soccer registration is the training sessions beginning the first week in December. Make sure you sign up for a training session near you today.

Click here to sign up for a day of training in your area!

So what have we accomplished? In summary, we have reviewed all of our processes and policies, and have worked to streamline the work registrars do. We’ve looked at the different tasks that registrars complete on a daily basis, and have analyzed how to best complete those tasks. As a result of this type of detailed analysis, we’ve come up with vastly improved workflows and policies. Accomplishing regular tasks in our new system will take less clicks on less pages, giving registrars more time to focus on more important goals.  

In the next three weeks, more discussion, analysis and input is being gathered regarding new registration policies and the launch of the new system. These final decisions are crucial, and we want to make certain we’ve left no stone unturned. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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