What You Need To Do in the Next 20 Days to Get Soccer Registration Ready

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the tools and options available to you as a Cal North member league or club!

Fully utilize the innovative technology offered by Bonzi, a Blue Star Sports company, and take advantage of team communications, game scheduling, online registration, custom report management, and a fully operational website.

Follow the three steps below to get started:

  1. Setup your Merchant Account.
  2. Contact your Account Manager to setup online registration for your coaches and players.
  3. Offer and promote online registration to your members.

Once you’ve gone through the above three steps and are onboard, you’ll be fully operational and able to utilize the full suite of tools in Bonzi, including BonziTeam, Bonzi’s advanced scheduler, and more at no cost to you! All these tools are free of charge when you open and offer online registration to your members regardless of whether they are Cal North or US Club players.

Once you go live with online registration you’ll also be in full compliance with the new California Concussion law that is currently in effect. The new law requires that all coaches be offered and complete a concussion educational course, and that all parents and players be provided with the Center for Disease Control’s informational fact sheet on concussions. Registering your Cal North players online ensures that your organization is in compliance with California’s new concussion law. Furthermore, according to Cal North’s new policy, all coaches must register online.

Leagues and clubs that choose not to offer online registration to their members, must still go through the onboarding process and contact their account managers. By not offering online registration, leagues and clubs will not be able to utilize BonziTeam and the advanced scheduler. In addition to these tools, parents that do not register their children online will need to complete Cal North’s Membership Form and be provided with two informational fact sheets, one for themselves and one for their children to review.

Save yourself the hours of manual work, and start this season with online registration for your coaches and players! Take the first step today and get started.

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