All Teams Must Be Activated

Please remember the final step in completing the registration of a player is finalizing the team they are on. This is accomplished by activating the team. Only after a team is activated can official team credentials be printed, i.e. team roster and player passes. This applies to both recreational and competitive teams.  You must activate all of your teams regardless of whether or not you print passes or rosters for those teams.

Team activation is crucial in ensuring that your team has meet the minimum requirements and adheres to all Cal North rules. Among these requirements and rules are ensuring that your coaches and other team administrators have completed all risk management requirements and are approved to coach. It is also very important in terms of insurance and confirming that a player is officially part of a team. Consider the following possible scenario, Player A is on Team 1 and is injured during a game against Team 2. The player files an insurance claim. The insurance provider attempts to verify that the player is indeed a part of Team 1. The claim is denied by the insurance provider because of a lack of sufficient evidence supporting Player A’s claim that s/he is part of Team 1, and the injury occurred during a match team 1 was in against team 2.

This would be a very unfortunate outcome, which we hope everyone can avoid by ensuring their teams are activated.

Activating your teams is extremely simple. The first step is ensuring that your team has met all the minimum requirements. You can check the status of the team by clicking on the activation tab. If the tab has met the minimum requirements, you’ll see a green check, and button that will allow you to activate the team. If the team has not met the minimum requirements, then a red X will appear instead, and the rules that have not yet been satisfied will be displayed.

The most common team activation rule violations are the following two:

  1. Playing League is not set up yet – CAL North rule.
    Resolving this is extremely simple. On the team screen, click on the League’s tab in the far right corner. In the drop down select the playing league the team will be participating in. If this is an in-house rec team, select In-house.
  2. 1 administrator(s) have failed to have proper risk management status.
    Resolving this requires that you check to ensure that coach has completed a live scan. The first thing you want to do is confirm that there aren’t any duplicate records for the adult. To do so, perform a family lookup and check to see if you find two results. If you do find duplicate records, open a ticket with Affinity (by clicking on the Tech Support link in the bottom left hand side menu) to merge those records. If you do not find a duplicate record, confirm that the adult’s legal name has been entered. If the adult’s legal name has not been entered, update the name and email Cal North to notify them. If you cannot find duplicates, and you have confirmed the legal name was used, then check with the adult to see when they were live scanned and to confirm all there info (such as their date of birth, driver’s license number, etc..). Ensure all data is accurate, and provide at least 5-10 days after the adult has been scanned before contacting Cal North.

Credit Card Refund Functionality Updated

Affinity recently changed how refunds are processed, requiring registrars to enter the credit card number used to pay. This makes the cardholder’s account more secure by not saving the card number in the system, but it does require the registrar put in the additional effort of collecting the card number when trying to process a refund.

In an effort to make things easier for registrars, instead of collecting the credit card number and issuing an immediate refund to the cardholder’s account, you can now submit a refund request to Affinity Sports to be processed on behalf of your organization.

In other words, you have the option of allowing Affinity Sports to complete the refund on your behalf, without you having to collect the credit card info from the cardholder. To do so, click the refund link next to the transaction and you will be presented with two options pictured below.


If you are using option 2, please check the box to request this refund and ensure that you have entered the correct amount to refund for each available product.

This will be recorded as an offline refund and may take an additional 7 days to be formally submitted by the Affinity Sports Accounting Department as a credit back to the cardholder, but you won’t need to collect any credit card info from the card holder.