When and How to Update DOB’s After Marking a Player Age Legal

Imagine this…. Dad fills out a registration form (either online or paper) and enters his kid’s date of birth or name wrong — hard to imagine Dad getting any of this info wrong right?

You get the info entered in Affinity, and to your surprise the info is incorrect, but you’ve already marked the player age legal and accepted. What do you do?

You can certainly contact your district registrar, or the Cal North office and have it corrected, but don’t you wish you could have just corrected this simple mistake yourself? The answer is you can, but only if this is the player’s first year playing and if the player has never been rostered to an activated team in the past.

When a player is marked age legal and accepted, you can go to the player lookup screen, select the pending applications in the application filter and perform a search for the player in question. On the results page, you’ll notice three boxes on the left for each player. These boxes allow you to mark a player age/legal and accepted, but you can also uncheck them.

In cases in which you find errors for new players, you can unmark them as accepted and age/legal, save the changes, and then go to the player’s record and update the player’s name or date of birth. The fields will not be locked, and you will be able to make edits and save those changes.

Cal North’s DMS Test Environment

Are you new to registration, or a long time pro, but unsure about how to complete a task in Cal North’s DMS without corrupting all your data? Do you need to train an additional registrar for your league, or a new club registrar, but don’t want them to play with real-time actual data yet?

Fear not! You can now test out a process and train with real data, without affecting your actual data.

If you have access to Cal North’s Data Management system, you also have access to a test environment that mimics the actual production environment. Each week, a copy of last week’s data is updated in the test environment providing users with an opportunity to practice or test on last week’s data.

You no longer need to create test players, parents, coaches and teams to try something out. Instead log into the test environment by going to http://cysanorth.stage.sportsaffinity.com/, and use a copy of last week’s actual data to try out real scenarios.