A Big Leap Forward

This week we discussed what we wanted to accomplish during our transition to the new system. The consensus was that we wanted to put into place a system that is simple, effective, fast, flexible, and provides the league/club the ability to manage all aspects of all their data.

The first step we are taking towards this end is to thoroughly review all of our rules pertaining to registration. After consulting with several league/club registrars, district registrars, and other league representatives, we’ve learned that the best approach must begin with a simplification of our registration rules and policies. Once we have completed our review, we will develop simplified registration workflows.

We are taking a comprehensive approach to our transition and we are committed to making important improvements that will make your life easier.




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Have You Heard The News?

Cal North announced Blue Star Sports as its newest partner and registration system provider last week, and as expected we’ve encountered some basic questions regarding what this partnership means for you. We hope that with regular weekly communications regarding registration and the transition, we can help answer those questions that might arise during the transition.

So to get things started for this week, we wanted to provide answers to the three most frequently asked questions we have received so far:

  1. What is Blue Star Sports?
    Blue Star Sports is the parent organization for Bonzi Sports Software. Bonzi will serve as the foundation of Blue Star Sports registration system. The Bonzi registration system provides the flexibility, and ease of use our leagues and clubs need to manage their entire organization.
  2. Does this mean we will no longer be using Affinity Sports?
    Cal North will no longer be using Affinity Sports. Leagues and clubs are encouraged to adopt the new Blue Star Sports system, which will provide the full suite of tools free of charge including online registration, optimized website builder, league scheduling, and much more.
  3. When will the new system be in place?
    Our launch date is scheduled for the beginning of next year in January. This is a complex transition, and an exact date has not yet been determined. We do however want to make sure leagues and clubs have ample time to complete their early competitive registrations in early January.

Moving forward, please make sure to check your email regularly on Wednesday, beginning September 28th in the morning (8am) for weekly updates on our progress. If you think someone in your organization should also receive these emails, please have them sign up to receive our emails, and make sure they check the Registration Information box.

To find out more about Blue Star Sports and Bonzi please visit their websites.