How To Generate Billing Reports

With the fall season complete, generating a billing report for your league or club becomes a crucial end of year task. To aid in that process, you can download instructions on how to generate the same billing reports used by Cal North’s Accounting Department.

There are two billing reports available: (1) Accepted Player Billing Details Report – CYSAN, and (2) Accepted Player Billing Summary Report – CYSAN. As the names of the reports imply, one has more detailed info on the player’s registration than the other.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when running these reports. The most important being that only players with an accepted status are included in the billing report. If there are duplicate player records that are marked as accepted, they will be counted in the billing report. It is vitally important that all duplicates are merged. You can open a ticket to have these records merged, and avoid being billed twice. This also applies to any test records that might have been created. Applications for those records must be cancelled.

For transfers, the league the player was initially registered with will be billed. This is the same policy Cal North has had in prior years.

One last item to note is that the billing report should be run in both the Principal Season and Off Season. In the Off Season you want to make sure you only view new players (this will make more sense as you read through the instructions).

Below is a summary of the steps necessary to generate the report. For screen shots and detailed info, download the billing report documentation:

  • In the left hand navigation menu, click on Reports-> Financial Reports
  • Using the Reports – Financial Window, select either “Accepted Player Billing Details Report – CYSAN” or “Accepted Player Billing Summary Report – CYSAN”.
  • The selection criteria will be displayed and allow you to select a date range and to filter by “Seasonal New or Returning” players. If you select Seasonal New, only new registrations will show. If you select returning only returning players will be displayed. For your off season, you will want to view only new players that have not already been counted in the principal season. To accomplish this, select Seasonal New.
  • For your date range, set the beginning date to 1/1/2014 and the ending date to the current date. This will capture all 2014-2015 Season data (within the selected season, Off Season or Principal Season).

For more detailed instructions, make sure you review the following documentation.