How To Convert PDFs to JPEG/PNG/GIF

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take all of those pdf birth documents that you get in your email and upload them into the Affinity Data Management System?

Well unfortunately Adobe didn’t design pdfs to function as images. PDF stands for portable document format. It’s a finished document, not an image file type.

But don’t despair, there is an easy way to turn those pdfs into image files that do work in the Affinity DMS, and you do not need any special programs or training to do it.

The easiest way to turn a pdf into an image file is to simply save it as an image in Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional (Note: This feature is not available in Adobe Reader).

To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Open the pdf document using Acrobat
  2. Go to File> Save As Other>Image> JPEG/PNG (see screen shot below)


You don’t have Adobe Standard/Professional and can’t do the above?

To the rescue for all Windows users is the “Print Screen” button on your  keyboard (Not a Windows user? See this). Here’s what you can do:

  1. Open up that wonderful pdf document.
  2. Zoom in/out  as needed so you can capture the entire document.
  3. Press the print screen button! (Don’t worry nothing will print out of your printer)
  4. Open up your standard Windows Paint program
  5. Right click and paste.

Voila! You should now have an image pasted in Paint that you can crop as you please.

Crop as desired and Save the document in the correct image file type (jpeg, gif, or png).

Tip: You can also crop after uploading the document into the Affinity DMS.

If you’re a Windows 7 or above user you can also use the Snipping tool to copy only a section of your screen.

  1. Open the Snipping tool (Windows 7 Users look in your Start menu, Windows 8 users go to VIEW ALL APPS).
  2. Under New in the menu, select the rectangular shape as your desired snip type.
  3. Click and drag around the birth document to snip it.
  4. Save the image file and upload. There’s no need to crop since the snip tool only copied the area you selected.

If you’re not a  Windows user, you can still do a screen capture and crop appropriately. Every operating system has this capability. Check out this website for instructions on how to perform a screen capture for your operating system.