System Update: Special Requests Field That Populates Data on 1601 Form

Affinity has added a statewide configurable “Special Requests” field that will populate the 1601 form in the “Buddy, Team, Coach Request” area.

The Special Requests field is intended to take the place of any custom field created for coach, buddy, and team requests and only data entered in this new field will populate on the 1601 form. You have the option to use this new field OR to continue to use custom fields. If you opt to use the new Special Requests field please do not remove your custom field, and only hide it. Removing the field will result in losing the data that field has already collected and stored in the database.

To configure this setting please take the below steps:

  • Log in to Affinity
  • Click Clubs in the left hand menu
  • Search for and select the desired club
  • Click on the Registration tab
  • Click on the Fields sub tab
  • Click on the link: 1. Change Youth Registration Pages Configuration, Click here
  • The online config/preview pages will open up
  • Click the “next” link (4 times) until you reach the “Page fields Configuration” page
  • Scroll down to Special Requests / Additional info : and toggle to either “hide” “show” or “require”
  • Click save
  • Confirm that any custom “Special Requests” or “Buddy Request” fields that you setup previously, are set to “hidden”

If you need to have your data moved from your custom field to the new Special Requests field, you will need to contact Affinity Technical Support and provide them with your Club Info and the exact name of your old custom field that was used to collect the data you’d like to copy.