Data Export From LeagueOne and Import Into Cal North’s New DMS

LeagueOne will be providing an export of data on Tuesday, April 22nd. This export will include any changes that have been made to players and teams from November 18th through April 21st. The data is expected to be available in the Affinity system by May 5th. A third export of data will be done at the end of the seasonal year. The season year-end export will be archived but the data will not be uploaded into Affinity. If your league will be providing a 2013-2014 summer program, please contact the State Registrar, Melinda Rainville (

As of April 22nd, Cal North will only be entering Background check data into the Affinity system.

All team administrators who are new to Cal North should go to the Cal North Risk Management page ( and follow the instructions provided.

If you have a new team administrator that needs to be added to a 2013-2014 team in LeagueOne, please send the LeagueOne Person ID and First/Last Names to Emanuel Lusca ( and he will enter the data into both LeagueOne and Affinity.