Blog Goals: How You Can Benefit From Using This Blog

Starting in 2013/2014, Cal North began transitioning to a completely new data management system. With any technological/software transition there are challenges. We understand that learning a new system is often a daunting and time consuming task.We hope that this blog will help registrars understand how registration works in the new system, as well as in general, making the transition that much smoother. With that said,¬†it’s always a good idea to start a new blog thinking about what you are trying to accomplish with it.

In this case, the goals are straight forward and simple.

The Goals of the Behind The Screens Blog

  1. To make registration information and processes easily available and intelligible
  2. To obtain relevant feedback in the form of commentary from those who use the system daily, and provide a response to all feedback
  3. To document and archive important changes in the registration process

You’re probably wondering how this blog will accomplish those goals. Aside from the tools already in place on the blog, e.g. the follow button, the new registration email campaign, the reminders section in the footer, archives and categories, etc…, we will be working hard to keep this blog up to date. You should expect at least a post or two per month. There will likely be many coming soon as we are rapidly approaching the new season using the new system, so expect to see up to date information regularly here.

Additionally, we want to hear what you have to say. The new system will only be as good as we can make use of it. We want to know how you’re using the system, maybe for example you’re using the event manager in a new, but effective way. Let us know how this system is working for you. And of course, if you have issues, we want to make sure we follow up and answer those questions. So please feel free to either email us, or leave a comment. If there is a post you think we should write, post a comment on the About page, and let us know what your thinking. Or, feel free to submit the post directly to us and we will feature it online after we vet it.

Lastly, lots will be covered here over the years, and we want to make sure we never lose any bit of it. So every post, every comment, all feedback, etc… will be documented and archived here. You’ll be able to search for keywords, use the tag cloud in the right column to see what’s trending, and sort through the archives and categories below.

So please come back and join us soon!