Mass Migration: Use Wisely

For the 2014-2015 Principal Season, Leagues must migrate their Team Administrators from the 2013-2014 Principal Season to the 2014-2015 Principal Season.

In order to be available for placement on a roster in the 2014-2015 Season, Team Administrators must  have an application created in the 2014-2015 Season. Migrating the Team Administrators creates their application automatically in the new season.

During migration the Risk management data for each existing Team Administrator is recorded and carried over to the new season so that Approved Team Administrators will not be asked to complete the 1650 questions and to obtain a background check when registering.

To migrate the 2013-2014 Team Administrators:

  1. In the Season drop-down located on the left hand panel, select 2013-2014 Principal Season
  2. Click on Leagues and then click on Find/Edit/Delete
  3. Select the appropriate League/Club
  4. Click on the Teams tab
  5. Select your search criteria and click the searchbutton button
  6. Click in the boxes on the left hand side for each team that you want to migrate the Team Administrators. NOTE: To select all teams, click in the box next to Team ID
  7. Click on migratebuttonto display the migration grid.
  8. Select 2014-2015 Principal Season from the To Season drop-down menu. If the season is not displayed, then the Season has not been set up (See Section III.C of League Registrars Manual)
    NOTE: If the season is not available in the drop-down list, contact your District Registrar.
  9. Click in the Select All box for the AD column to migrate only the Team Administrators
  10. Click on savemigration . Once the migration is complete, the list of teams will disappear and only the search criteria will be displayed.
  11. To verify the data has been migrated to the new season:
    1. Change the season on the left-hand panel to 2014-2015 Principal Season
    2. Click on Players/Admins
    3. Click on Admin Lookup
    4. Click the searchbutton button to display the list of migrated Administrators