How To Reestablish a User Account In Cal North’s New Data Management System

With the transition to our new Data Management System, any team official (coach, assistant coach, etc.) or parent who previously had access to our old system will need to reestablish their account. Accounts can be reestablished in the new system using the email address on file in LeagueOne. Please Note: In order to have League/Club Registrar permissions/tools available, you will need to contact your district registrar.

The first step to reestablishing an account is to visit your League/Club’s online portal (if you are a team official and your League/Club does not have an online portal you can use the Cal North Risk Management portal instead). In the left column, click on the Forgot Password link. Complete the form and press submit.

It’s that easy!

If the above process does not work it is likely due to the new system being unable to match the data submitted with a profile, either because

(1) the profile is not found in the new system, or

(2) the profile was found, but the email address submitted did not match.

If a match cannot be confirmed, make sure you are using the same email address you previously had on file in LeagueOne. If you still cannot reestablish your account, you should proceed with creating a new account. The system will check the rest of the info provided and identify matching profiles during the account creation process (as long as you entered the same name and address you previously used in the old system). If users continue to encounter problems, they can contact Affinity Technical Support directly.

League/Club Registrars who do not yet have access to the new system must contact their District Registrar to obtain the same level of access they previously had in LeagueOne. The system is currently active, and can be accessed by all League/Club Registrars once an account is established. One you access the system as a League/Club Registrar for the first time, you will be prompted to agree to an ELA which has replaced the old Data Usage Agreement. You’ll be prompted each year to agree to our terms when using the system with registrar access.