The Cal North Official Roster Will No Longer Be Available in Affinity

In the coming days, Cal North will eliminate the old Official Roster in its entirety and leagues and clubs will no longer have the option to print it. Earlier this Spring Cal North announced that a new roster was implemented. The new simplified roster, known as the Team Roster in Affinity, will replace the old Official Roster. The new simplified roster is designed to eliminate confusion by only showing players that were active on a team (e.g. the Team Roster does not indicate adds or drops). Additionally, in the ongoing effort to ensure that sensitive player information is also not accessible to everyone, the date of birth columns are also replaced by the player’s age.

The simplified Team Roster will become the only option Cal North leagues will utilize moving forward. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Emanuel Lusca  and Executive Director, Matthew Madeira, by emailing and

New Simplified Team Roster Now Available In Affinity

Cal North is pleased to announce the introduction of a new simplified roster. The new Team Roster is designed to make it easier for teams to use. By only showing those players that are currently active on the team, team officials no longer need to delve into a myriad of adds, drops, and transfers both in and out to determine which players are currently on a team. This will also assist officials during check in at tournaments. In addition to eliminating the player movement history, the date of birth column and playing league have been eliminated. Click on the image below to compare the two rosters and view all changes.


The old Official Roster will remain in the system to assist registrars and cup staff in determining team eligibility for cup play.

To print the new roster, you will need to activate your team, and then click on the “Team Roster” button on the team roster tab. The “Official  Roster” button remains available and can be located near the new Team Roster button.

Team Roster