Getting Risk Management Status Approved Efficiently

Last year Cal North mandated a comprehensive background check program. Thousands of coaches and team administrators were fingerprinted and approved as a result. Team officials scanned and approved last year do not need to be reprinted, as already entered results have been imported into the new Data Management System. Any new coaches or team administrators should review the Risk Management Section of the Cal North website  for information regarding the process and steps that must be followed for the 2014/2015 season in order for a person to be rostered to a team as a coach or team administrator.

The Most Efficient Way to Have Background Check Results Approved and Entered Efficiently:

  1. Have your coaches and team administrators register online. In an effort to continue processing results efficiently, Cal North has improved the adult registration process. Registration can now be done online directly into the Data Management System. Returning team officials can reestablish their accounts by using the “Forgot Password” option. By registering directly online, the hard copy form 1650 no longer needs to be filled out and all forms required by Capital Live Scan can be printed. Refer coaches/team administrators to  Cal North’s Data Management, or forward this link.
  2.  Once a team official has registered online, they can be found using the “Family Look Up” tool in Cal North’s Data Management System. Also, unlike our previous system, registrars can now view the risk management status of adults in their leagues. Confidential information will not be shared with anyone other than those approved as COR.
  3. If you know a person has been live scanned but the background check results have not been entered into the Data Management System, check with your District Registrar. Cal North will be providing follow-up spreadsheets to the District Registrars on a regular basis containing the names of persons whose results cannot be entered due to there being conflicting identifiable information (e.g. different birth date, different name/legal name, etc) or because the person does not have a record/profile in the data management system.

Please remind people being live scanned or filling out form 1650, that they should use their legal name. In addition, if you are registering an adult, please confirm the birth date and verify that the name being entered is the adult’s legal name. If the legal name and birth date do not match, the entry of the adult’s risk management status in the Data Management System will be delayed. If a person insists on having a nick name, it can be entered into the system in the ‘alias’ data field.